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Marble Surface

Changing Lives One Procedure at Time

 Areolas can be reshaped, color re-store or full color restoration needed we can provide that for you. After any breast augmentations or breast surgeries.

3D Areola restoration after mastectomy. If you're a breast cancer survivor let us help restore you. 


Scalp Scar Re-pigmentation

Soft pigmentation can create a seemless fill to help any type of scaring on the scalp or any where on the body

Face It lift 

Scar RE-Pigmentation

Skin re-pigmentation also known as camouflage tattooing, can cover imperfections for any skin tone, it is  a positive solution to conceal imperfections by mimicking skin coloration and creating a new you to restore confidence to feel and look good.


Each skin imperfection and scar is as unique as the living canvas in which it resides. Each application is customized for each person to recreate the natural and unique features of the individual.

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