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What is Permanent Make up?

Permanent make up also known as PMU is cosmetic tattooing. professional medical grade pigments are gently micro-applied into the upper layer of the dermis to create a semi-permanent stain that fades over time. Proper application ensures no scaring or damage is done to the skin and you are left with beautiful results.

How much discomfort will I feel?

We use a special formulated safe and effect medical grade numbing topical anesthetic. You should be very comfortable through out the procedure. Most clients feel visually no pain.


How can you insure the most beautiful shape and color for me?

With precision mapping according to your facial atomy, bone structure and under laying skeletal and muscle tissue we assure a balanced and symmetrical brow, liner and lip shape.

Coloration is our mastery we can insure an almost perfect color that will harmonize with you skin and hair color to create a perfect look.

You are in expert hands

Our certified artist  will provide you with outstanding professional expertise on brow shaping, eye lining and lip contouring to achieve the most beautiful permanent make up to transform your life, allowing you freedom to have more time to other things the matter and create the confidence you need to be the

best you possible.

We are medical based  your  safely is number one focus.

Highest standards of protection- OSHA regulated

  • Modern equipment

  • Medical grade topical anesthetics

  • Disposable instruments- one time use only

  • Excellent brow and symmetry mapping 

  • Highest quality of pigments available

  • Color specialists in corrective work

  • Certified with advance training

  • Most knowledgeable and experienced technicians   

Proper mapping is done before each procedure, so clients may see what end results will look like.


Perfect smudge free liner


Properly shaped brows will enhance your facial shape.


 Blended blush for a natural look

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