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Had a scar on my head from a brain surgery I had 10 years ago. Didn't know that Edine could color in scars. It was easy and very clean. Now I don't have a battle scar on my head. No one can tell I had it done. So cool! It changed my life. I was so impressed I came back and did my brows ( mens style of course) they did a great job filling in the spots where my brow had gotten thin and wasn't full looking anymore like when I was younger. They also added to shape which brought back fullness. It's 


fantastic! It was basically pain free. I only trust Face It  PMC to do my procedures. Thank you to Edine and her knowledgable, friendly and sweet staff team.

I had my breast done and there was a scar left on my areola area. Unfortunately the doctor could not do anything about it :(. But, I found out through another doctor that Edine could match my skin tone to blend in the scar. Unbelievable, I did it and now the scar is gone. My breast look perfect. Thank you Face It!

I was so pleased I decided to come back to do my lips

At first I was unsure on which lip procedure would work with my lip shape and color I wanted. They explained in detail all the different

ways lips can be done. I ended up choosing the lip blushing. I came out to the perfect color, it also made my lips look fuller.

I recommend

Face It PMC

I would 100% recommend this place! I have had my eyebrows done at two different areas besides here and this was by far the most professional and the best quality. My technician was shannon and she did a beautiful job and was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The first appointment i would recommend to think of it to see how your skin takes to the ink. The second appointment ( which is included with what you pay at first appointment) is where the changes can be made to truly get your desired look. I have never been more in love with my eyebrows as i am now.

Mark P.

Kailua, HI​

Sasha K.

Honolulu, HI

Liany G.

Kahalui, HI

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